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The Cluster is conceived as an open and dynamic platform accessible to all players and stakeholders, both from academia and industry, whose activity is focused on catalysis and applications thereof. The idea is to launch the Cluster with the broadest aim, expecting that specialisation will follow later. The Cluster is always open to other future participants.

In order to pursue the different tasks in a smooth and rational fashion, the Cluster has been structured in three main Working Groups (WG), each one coordinated by a WG leader, and in further sub-WGs, each one committed with a specific task and involving 2-8 participants, according to the complexity of the task to be performed, as sketched in the Table 1.

WG topic and sub-topics WG Leader and WG subtopic leaders
Scientific and technical issues (WG1) E. Hensen (Novacam)
Catalysis fields (e.g. homogeneous, heterogeneous, photocatalysis etc.) and integration thereof (WG1a) G. Centi (NEXT-GTL, ERIC)
Advanced analytical approaches in catalysis, in situ and in operando studies (WG1b) B. Etzold (SusFuelCats)
Modeling, design and development of novel catalysts (WG1c) G. Giambastiani (CNR, Freecats)
Transition from critical raw materials to abundant elements based catalysts (WG1d) (→ coordination with EU Cluster on Raw Materials M. Rønning (Freecats)
Processes and scale-up, industrialization (WG1e) G. Saracco (Eco2CO2)
Networking, synergies and international cooperation (WG2) D. Farrusseng (CNRS)
Networking among the projects, synergies/integration with EU bodies and initiatives (ERIC, SusChem, EMIRI, Eurokin, DeChema , SPIRE, etc.) (WG2a) D. Serrano (CASCATBEL)
International cooperation (WG2b) G. Centi (NextGTL, ERIC)
Market survey, interactions/involvement/networking of industry stakeholders and end-users (WG2c) D. Akporiaye (Fastcard)
Policy, roadmapping, regulations, dissemination (WG3) S. Perathoner (INCAS, INSTM)
European Roadmap on Catalysis (WG3a) M. Hollestelle (CAPITA)
Training & Education, Dissemination, Popularisation in the field of catalysis (WG3b) to be defined
Policy and inputs for next H2020 calls (WG3c) L. Bedel (CEOPS)
Standardisation, regulation, safefy issues (WG3d) (→ coordination with ReACh, ECHA, NanoSafetyCluster) L. Curri (Limpid)
Webpage of the Cluster on Catalysis (WG3e) J. Viviente (DEMCAMER)
Compendium of the Cluster (WG3f) F. Katsaros (NextgenCat)


Table 1 – Working (WG) and sub-working (sWG) groups and WG leaders of the Cluster on Catalysis