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3rd CCESC 2016


The 3rd International Symposium on Catalysis for Clean Energy and Sustainable Chemistry to be held in Madrid, Spain, from 7th to 9th of September, 2016. The spirit of the Organizing Committee of this International Symposium is organizing an encounter between scientists and industrialists worldwide with interest in the technological aspects of application of catalysis to the Sustainable Development. This symposium will help to review the present state of the art of these technologies and to discuss the possible future directions of evolution, and of course, how they can revert positively in the development of the society.

Scientific program will consist of 3 invited lectures, 3 keynotes, about 25 oral presentations and an estimate of 80 posters. This symposium will be organized around the following topics:

1. Catalytic Technologies for the Production of Bioproducts and Biofuels
a. Biosyngas production and transformation (FTS, Methanol, DME…)
b. Biofuels from Gasification and Pyrolysis
c. High added value products from lignocellulose, algae and waste oils

2. Catalysis for Sustainable Chemistry and Environmental Protection
a. Novel Processes
b. Photocatalysis and heterogeneous catalysis for water and air treatment
c. CO2 as raw material

3. Hydrogen: production, storage and uses
a. Hydrogen production from catalytic reformate, from photocatalytic water splitting, by thermochemical cycles, by electrolysis, biohydrogen routes
b. Fuel Cells and Electrocatalysis
c. Hydrogen storage

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